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Python Basic and Advanced Course:

>Understand Python environment and coding.
>Deep understanding of python programming.
>Working on Python interpreter.
Who can attend?
>Freshers seeking career in Python Programming.
>Proffessions with Programming background.
>Working/experienced who want to explore Python Environment.

Python Basic and Advanced Syllabus:
CH1: Introduction to Python
Python features
Scope of python
Python products
Python in todays context
First python program execution
The world of programming
Python programming syntax
interpreter and compiler
CH2: Variables, keywords and Data types
Memory mapping of variables
Application memory
Variable structure
Properties and scope of variables
Keywords in Python
Data Types
Dynamic Typing

CH3: Operators
Arithmetic operators
Logical operators
Relational operators
Bitwise operators
Assignment operators
Type casting
Operator precedence
CH4: Control statements
Flow of program control
Conditional statements: if, if-else, elif, nested if
for loop
Making of 'for' loop
range() function
Iteration using for loop
Nesting Loops
while loop
Infinite loop
Loop control keywords: break, continue, pass
CH5: Sequences
List, Tuple, Set, Dictionary
Properties of a sequences
built-in functions
Programming with sequences
one and multidimensional sequences
comparison of sequences
CH6: Functions
Introduction to functions
Function definition and return
Function call and reuse
Function parameters
Function recipe and docstring
Programming with functions
Scope of variables in functions
Generator functions
CH7: Strings
Introduction to string type
Properties of a string
String built-in functions
Programming with strings
String formatting
String arithmetic

CH1: Modules and Packages
What is module
Crate and usage of module
Module Properties
Doc String(__doc__)
What is Package
Creating Package
Programming with Packages
CH2: Exception Handling
Understanding exceptions
try, except and finally
raising exceptions with: raise, assert
Custom Exceptions
CH3: File handing
Working with files
File objects and Modes of file operations
open(), read(), Write(), close() methods
readlines(), seek(), tell() methods
CH4: Object oriented programming
OOPs concepts: Classes and objects
Making of a class and module namespace
Static and instance variables
Understanding of self and __init__()
Inheritance and Overriding
Abstract Class
CH5: Threads
Understanding threads
Process and Threads
Threads using class
CH6: Regular expression
Introduction to Regular Exp
Scope of “re” module
Built in functions
Matching Patters
CH7: GUI Programming-tkinter
Types of GUI Toolkits
Working with windows
Widgets in tkinter
Working with Widgets